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  • Unique offices in the very centre of Prague

    In the heart of the Czech capital Quadrio combines an offer of high-end offices and a shopping center with facilities for relaxation and leisure. Its attractive location in the central transport hub, modern architecture and high-quality services meet the demands currently placed on the working environment and lifestyle.

    A terrace for all office tenants

    Quadrio offers its office tenants a unique benefit, namely the possibility of using a roof terrace, which provides spectacular views of old Prague, headed by the Prague Castle.


    Quadrio with postal adress Purkynova 2121/3 is one Prague’s office buildings most easily accessible by transport. Having a Prague 1 address means belonging to select Prague society. There are the most important architectural monuments and major state institutions, with and social and cultural life thriving here. It is the place for busy shopping streets and traditional places where the people of Prague head for leisure and entertainment in their free time.

    Public transport

    • Station Národní třídain station
    • Station Můstek5 min. on foot
    • Station Museum11 min. on foot
    • Národní třída stop in front of the building

    Transport accessibility

    • Vaclav Havel Airport, Prague 21 min. by car or 40 min. by public transport
    • Main railway station7 min. by tram
    • D5 motorway to Nuremberg19 min. by car
    • Bus station Florenc5 min. by metro
    • D1 motorway to Bratislava6 min. by car
    • D8 motorway to Dresden14 min. by car


  • Technical specifications

    Quadrio is full of smart technical solutions that you may not ever see, although they take care of your comfort, safety and cost savings every day. Efficiency in every detail has become a key feature of this office building.

    • Possibility of open and closed office layout
      Clearance 3.00 m of office space
      Ceilings with integrated / hanging lights
      Electronic fire alarm
      Evacuation tannoy 
      Double floors with floor boxes
      Possibility of connecting diesel backup power supply
      Glazed facade with openable window elements
      Central air conditioning
      Chilled beams integrated in the false ceiling with individual control
      Heating convectors in double floors
      Fibre optic cabling

    Facilities and services

    • Separate entrance to the office of the building with a central reception
      Four passenger lifts for the office part of the building
      Possibility of using storage space in the basement
      Wheelchair access
      Shopping center


    • EElectronic card access system and CCTV in building; 24/7/365 access
      CCTV in common areas
      Continuous surveillance of building


    • Parking in the basement
      250 parking spaces

    Building certification

    Quadrio building received in April 2015 a prestigious LEED Silver certification.

    LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) provides independent verification that a building or set of buildings was designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high requirements in key areas of human health and the environment, such as sustainable building, water savings, energy efficiency, selection of appropriate materials and indoor environmental quality. LEED rating system was developed by the US Green Building Council (US Green Building Council, USGBC) in 2000.

    Professional Building Awards

    Quadrio became the winner of the „Best of Realty – Best of Realty“ for 2014 in the category of New Administrative Centre

    Typical floor plan

    The total size of the office space is 16,400 square metres. With the combination of the unusual floor plan and modern technology solutions Quadrio is much more efficient than most Class A buildings in Prague.

    Typical floor

    Closed offices

    Open offices


  • For Rent

    Floor Available offices*
    2nd floor LEASED
    3rd floor LEASED
    4th floor LEASED
    5th floor LEASED
    6th floor LEASED
    7th floor LEASED

    * gross office area



  • Contacts

    Information desk

    P: +420 226 506 110



    Developer & Offices Leasing

    Daniel Punda


    P: +420 777 482 947