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Information about the shop

MANUFAKTURA is a unique 100% Czech concept of branded shops with its own original cosmetics. The individual cosmetic ranges present comprehensive tips for home spa, into which you can turn any bathroom, where you can stop, get some rest and recover strength by using high quality cosmetic products and accessories. MANUFAKTURA is inspired by Czech history, tradition and nature. The company takes pride in true quality, local origin of products, materials (Czech beer, wine, Carlsbad thermal spring salt, medicinal herbs and fruit typical of Czech gardens, orchards and meadows), resourceful design and high content of natural ingredients (most cosmetic products contain up to 97 - 99.5% of them). MANUFAKTURA honours tradition, beauty of nature and environment and it is very active in the field of ecology and sustainable development. It keeps pondering such issues as how to create, manufacture and sell while maintaining maximum consideration for nature. Customers will be enchanted, surprised and pleased by the unique atmosphere of MANUFAKTURA shops and nice and qualified sales stuff.